Tuesday, September 8, 2009


As an early riser I like the quiet of morning for prayer and reflection.  Today I am remembering our drive yesterday through Yellowstone National Park and western Wyoming.  More than once Rae and I commented on not just the beauty around us but how grateful we are to be making this journey together at this time in our lives...

This was my first trip to Yellowstone.  Truely awesome!  We saw geysers and fumeroles framed by green meadows and tree-lined hills.  We had a good look at elk and buffalo.  The herd of  buffalo we saw and photographed were much larger in  real life than in pictures.  Old Faithful performed for us with no waiting and we had a postcard-perfect vantage point.  I was amazed by Yellowstone Lake.  There was enough wind to make whitecaps and breakers on the shore.  The lake is immense.  We did a lot of walking...

The drive in Wyoming to our destination of Cody did not disappoint.  We followed the Shoshone River with the most amazing rock and clay formations rising to the sky.  And we were already at some altitude.  After checking in at Ponderosa Campground we had pizza at a little Italian restaurant.  Tired, and content with the day, we were ready for sleep at 10:00. 

We will stay here one more night.  Today we will go to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the Whitney Museum of Western Art.  They are within walking distance. 

"Zander" is a fun little dog to have with us and he is doing well. 


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