Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Trip Remembered...


We have been home since October 20.  We didn't know we were tired and road-weary until we got to our respective homes.  Rae started getting sick with a virus while we were in Sacramento.  She is still coughing but getting better.  I am glad to be home but very grateful for the good times we had.  In 46 days, we traveled 7200 miles and were in 20 states and D C. We met and spent time with wonderful people. 

The last days of our trip were very special, "icing on the cake", you might say.  In Nevada, we visited with Rae's 97-year-old Aunt Mildred and cousin Louise who were absolutely delightful to be with.  Then we drove through South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento to spend 2 1/2days with my daughter Emily, her husband Micah, and my grandchildren,  Isabella, Noah and Kai. The family left this week on a mission on behalf of Restoration Life Church in Sacramento to Las Glorias, Sinaloa, Mexico. I was glad to see them before they went.  If you would like to know more about what they are doing, they will be updating their blog at

The fall colors were spectacular coming home to Oregon.  We stopped at Pioneer Quilts new location in Clackamas before even going home.  It is a wonderful, spacious, well appointed location, and with the same friendly people and atmostphere as before!  We were asked "are you two still speaking to each other?".  I guess after such a long trip together, you might wonder.  The trip was great, we are still friends, and in fact, we are already talking about the next trip...

My son Steve is celebrating his 40th birthday this weekend with a Halloween Party here in Portland. It will be fun to celebrate with him and his friends. Rae and I will be hosting a Fall Celebration and potluck on November 8 at her house for our friends from Pioneer Quilts.  As busy as we were on the road, we haven't skipped a beat back here at home.  Each of us is back at our sewing machines, and I am organizing years worth of photographs...a long overdue project.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner...

A big "Thank you" to all our hosts, family and friends, who made our trip so enjoyable!  You and our good times together will not be forgotten.  Love,

Kai celebrated his first birthday
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Noah likes to sleep next to Grammy
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Isabella plays for us...
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

She Who Dies With the Most Fabric Wins...

You probably thought we would talk about our journey today.  And maybe I will...but it occurs to me that we have more to share than just our travels.  A couple days ago, in an effort to be organized, I combined all of the fabric I have collected from at least 13 quilt shops and 2 quilt museums we have visited along the way.  I am frankly quite embarrassed by my apparent lack of self control when I am surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics.  Rae took a picture of me with my stack(s?!).  She has threatened me with blackmail but that is only because she has shamelessly refused to make a similar disclosure.  I think we are good candidates for a 12-step program, but for now we are taking a pledge of total abstinence!  No more quilt shops!!!  At least until we get back to our own favorite shop, Pioneer Quilts.  There!  I feel much better with confession...

Yesterday when we left Evanston, Wyoming, we were treated to a full rainbow across the sky.  Then Rae saw three antelope  running down the street.  The rest of the day was equally incredible!  We drove through Utah on I-80 on our way to our night's destination of Elko, Nevada.  Beautiful mountains, farms, and we caught of glimpse of Temple Square as we passed Salt Lake City, drove along the Great Salt Lake, and eventually stopped at the Bonneville Salt Flats to walk out on the Flats.  Today we will arrive in Silver Springs, NV to visit Rae's aunt.  Tomorrow we will go to Sacramento to visit my daughter Emily's family and my 3 grandchildren, Isabella, Noah, and Kai.  We are in the Pacific time zone at last, and feel closer to home.   We should be home by Tuesday, October 20.  Today is a gorgeous day!  Ellen

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cheyenne, Wyoming

We arrived safely in Cheyenne last night.  There is still lots of snow on the ground but I-80 was clear from Lincoln, Nebraska to Cheyenne.  The countryside looked so pristine with white ground and a similar white sky.  Here and there were black cattle dotted against the white.  The horizon was broken at times by windmills in Nebraska and by oil wells in Wyoming.  Cheyenne had a 15 inch snowfall just two days ago.  It is unseasonably cold, currently 25 degrees.  We spent last night at a little RV Park.  The owner checked us in, then said she needed to get back to cutting up an antelope...

We are watching the road conditions, would like to travel some today, but could easily spend the day here in our cozy and warm "home away from home", stitching or reading.  I have been reading aloud Willa Cather's book "O! Pioneers" while Rae drives.  It takes place in Nebraska in the late 1800's so there is much we can relate to (the place, not the time).  I also took my turns at driving.  We came 450 miles yesterday.  We continue to make our way west with another time change yesterday. It is now Mountain Time.  We are loving this adventure...            Ellen

Monday, October 12, 2009

Winterset, Iowa

We had to visit the Fons and Porter shop... a must, the day was very crisp, cold and the colorful trees stood out against the bright blue sky, like a brilliant quilt.