Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cheyenne, Wyoming

We arrived safely in Cheyenne last night.  There is still lots of snow on the ground but I-80 was clear from Lincoln, Nebraska to Cheyenne.  The countryside looked so pristine with white ground and a similar white sky.  Here and there were black cattle dotted against the white.  The horizon was broken at times by windmills in Nebraska and by oil wells in Wyoming.  Cheyenne had a 15 inch snowfall just two days ago.  It is unseasonably cold, currently 25 degrees.  We spent last night at a little RV Park.  The owner checked us in, then said she needed to get back to cutting up an antelope...

We are watching the road conditions, would like to travel some today, but could easily spend the day here in our cozy and warm "home away from home", stitching or reading.  I have been reading aloud Willa Cather's book "O! Pioneers" while Rae drives.  It takes place in Nebraska in the late 1800's so there is much we can relate to (the place, not the time).  I also took my turns at driving.  We came 450 miles yesterday.  We continue to make our way west with another time change yesterday. It is now Mountain Time.  We are loving this adventure...            Ellen

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