Monday, August 31, 2009

Counting down...

5 days until blast off!  (roll off?)  Anyway, we are just about ready...

Yesterday, over coffee at Starbuck's, we talked about some minor changes to our itinerary.  We agree on so much:  It's not just the destination that's important, but also the journey. There is only so much planning we can do, and the rest we will make up as we go.  Should Zander go with us?  He is Rae's adorable Scottish terrior, and we have a mutual admiration for each other.  I vote "yes".

Tomorrow is the day we load up the RV, to organize and find places for everything.  I plan to cozy up my bed with a cheerful comforter, pillows and a quilt.  Now, can you imagine guys going on this trip?  Would this be important? We are each deciding which stitching/quilting projects to work on, books to read, etc. 

I am still waking up very early, but the lists are made.  I am just very excited!  Ellen

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